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Original Article

Occlusal analysis in patients with isolated Robin sequence

2010, Volumen 40, Número 3
Terumi Okada Ozawa, Ludmila Galindo França de Oliveira, Diego Coelho Lorenzoni, Omar Gabriel da Silva Filho
Ortodoncista del Hospital de Rehabilitación de Anomalías Craneofaciales. Universidad de São Paulo (HRAC-USP). Profesor del curso de especialización en Ortodoncia del HRAC-USP y de la Profis. Bauru, Brasil

Aim: To analyze the interarch (sagittal relationship, horizontal and vertical overlap) and intra-arch (lower crowding) relationships in infants with isolated Robin sequence in mixed dentition. Design: This study used dental casts for occlusal analyzes. Interarch and intra-arch relationships were considered. In interarch analysis, the sagittal of dental arches, as well as horizontal and vertical overlap were considered. In the intra-arch relationship, it was evaluated the presence of anterior crowding, and classified as slight, moderate or severe. Qualitative assessments were independently carried out by three orthodontists, in order to define reproducibility. Results: The results showed a high prevalence of Class II relationship, in 82% patients, with the complete Class II relationship more prevalent (37%). Seven (16%) patients exhibited a Class I relationship and only one a Class III (2%). Horizontal overlap had been increased in majority of patients. The lower anterior crowding occurred in 35 patients (81%), of which 27 (63%) were moderate or severe. Only eight patients (19%) did not present any lower anterior crowding. Conclusion. Patients with isolated Robin sequence showed as the most prevalent characteristic a Class II malocclusion with lower anterior crowding.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2010;40(3):159-168)

Key words:
Robin sequence. Dental arches. Development.
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