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Clinical Case

Invisalign Teen

2011, Volumen 41, Número 4
David J. Harnick, Josmar Briceño L.
Práctica privada de Ortodoncia. Profesor universitario. Presidente de la Sociedad de Ortodoncia de Nuevo Mexico

Invisalign Teen was introduced by Align Technology in about 2008. It is an excellent alternative to fixed appliances for some teenagers. There are a number of teenagers that would prefer not to wear fixed appliances for the obvious reasons. Initially, the demand was from teenagers that were in the last couple of years of high school. Younger teenagers are now being made aware of Invisalign Teen and are starting to request this modality of treatment over fixed appliances. This represents new challenges as many of these young individuals are still growing. Research needs to done to elucidate the exact mechanism of correction. Since there is occlusal coverage during the entire treatment duration, Invisalign treatment has presents new opportunities and challenges that should to be considered. All types of malocclusions exist in these younger patients including skeletal disharmonies. This case report of a Class II malocclusion will demonstrate some to the considerations when using Invisalign Teen on a growing teenager.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2011;41(4):260-266)

Key words:
Invisalign. Invisalign Teen. Class II elastics.
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