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Assessment of aesthetic parameters in orthognatic surgery planning for class II and III malocclusion patterns

2012, Volumen 42, Número 1
Eduardo Espinar Escalona, María Belén Ruiz Navarro, José M. Llamas Carreras, José M. Barrera Mora, José Enrique Solano Reina
Profesor asociado de Ortodoncia. Prof. del Máster de Ortodoncia y Ortopedia Dentofacial. Universidad de Sevilla. Sevilla

Orthodontists have been interested long time ago about how to determine the aesthetic changes developed in the face of the patients as a result of changes in tooth positions. These changes are most evident in patients who undergo orthognathic surgery, so it is extremely important to establish an appropriate treatment plan. This plan should be ruled by facial aesthetic standards, which have to be related to the perception of facial aesthetics by the population. In our study we want to know the perception of facial aesthetics by several groups of observers. We present two different population groups (orthodontists and untrained population), a series of black and white profiles of surgical patients in Class II and III malocclusion before and after the orthognathic surgery. It was analyzed statistically the aesthetic value of each one of the profiles and their relationship to surgical planning for each type of malocclusion. It was determined statistically significant differences between the perception in the aesthetic analysis by the observers, assessing the group more positively after surgery, appreciating the facial features of the profile as more harmonious and balanced. The total average value of aesthetic perception was lower for Class III malocclusion presurgical profiles, being the most valued aesthetic increase in Class III malocclusion patients operated by orthognathic surgery.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2012;42(1):029-036)

Key words:
Facial profile. Facial soft tissues. Class II and III malocclusion orthognathic surgery. Subnasal vertical.
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