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Association between cleft severity and future orthodonthic treatment

2012, Volumen 42, Número 2
Paz Salvador Lacambra, Alejandro Rivera Baró, M. Lluïsa Tobella Camps, Carmen Casal Sánchez
Servicio de Ortodoncia y Odontopediatría. Hospital Universitario Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona

Objective. The purpose of this study was to associate cleft severity and type of cleft and to relate the use of infant orthopedics with the later need for orthognathic surgery. Materials and methods. Retrospective longitudinal study with 45 children (mean 17,13 years) with nonsyndromic isolated cleft palate. The patients were divided in: G+O (n = 25) which received infant orthopedics and G-O (n = 20) without orthopedics. A tridimensional image was obtained from the maxillary study casts of G+O before the surgical palate closure (T1, mean 14 days). Nine linear and two angular measurements were made. Lateral cephalograms of the patients were obtained at permanent dentition (T2, mean 13,54 years) and malocclusion was scored with the Goslon-Yardstick index at the same age. To study G+O group it was divided according to Goslon index and type of cleft. At T3 (mean 17,13 years) it was registered which patients needed orthognathic surgery. Results. No statistically significant differences were found among G+O and G-O. The patients from G+O with Goslon ≥ 3 had a right posterior angle (CTT’), witts, overbite and overjet reduced. In the G+O group with complete cleft palate, posterior width was greater and overjet decreased. The need for orthognathic surgery was 25%. Conclusions. A greater posterior width increases the need for orthognathic surgery. Less severity of malocclusion is associated to soft palate cleft. Infant orthopedics has no influence in maxillary growth.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2012;42(2):087-092)

Key words:
Cleft. Maxillary growth. Orthognathic surgery. Infant orthopedics.
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