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Original Article

The respiratory oral syndrome and the academic output

2013, Volumen 43, Número 1
Elisenda Peradejordi Cantallops
Maestra y logopeda. Centro colaborador: Dentclínic. Centro avanzado de especialidades odontológicas

Every year, the number of children between 6-12 years old who show dysfunction of the stomatognathic system, functional orofacial imbalances, overalls increases oral breathing quicker. They also present incorrect habits of suction, swallowing atypical or dysfunctional, dysfunctions in the mastication and the phono-articulatory apparatus that rebound directly in the oral language and in written language. 54% of children with mouth breathing show poor academic performance.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2013;43(1):028-033)

Key words:
Oral breathing. Functional disorders. Poor academic performance.
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