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Original Article

Comparison of tooth size among malocclusions

2013, Volumen 43, Número 4
Jaime Fabián Gutiérrez-Rojo, Yésica del Socorro Reyes-Maldonado, Edgar Alejandro Robles-Jiménez, Alma Rosa Rojas-García
Docente de la especialidad de Ortodoncia y la Unidad Académica de Odontología. Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit. Tepic, Nayarit, México

There are variations of the dental size related to ethnicity and sexual dimorphism. However, malocclusion is a factor which is not used, and the objective of this research is to know if there are differences in the tooth size of patients with malocclusion. Materials and method: The research is descriptive, not experimental, and transversal. The study universe was 1,345 dental cast of pretreatment orthodontics; 612 met the inclusion criteria. The sample was 186 dental casts of pretreatment orthodontics; 62 were of each malocclusion of angle. The descriptive statistics were made and ANOVA tests between the mesiodistal value of each tooth for malocclusion. Results: Differences were found in the dental size in cuspids, premolars, and second maxillary molars, being larger in the canines and premolars of class III, and the second maxillary molars of class II are smaller than class I and III. In the mandible statistics, differences were found in canines and molars, being larger in the class III malocclusion. Conclusions: The teeth of the maxilla with class III malocclusion are larger in mesiodistal size than those teeth of class I and class II. The inferior canine of class III was the tooth that presented greater discrepancy between the angle malocclusions.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2013;43(4):235-238)

Key words:
Malocclusion. Tooth. Mesiodistal diameter.
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