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Clinical Case

Complex treatment in a growing patient

2014, Volumen 44, Número 3
Alan Paul Ayala Sarmiento, Rogelio Díaz Peña, Martín Robles Romero
Estudiante de la Especialidad de Ortodoncia. Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit. Nayarit. México

The evolution of osseo-integrated implants has greatly increased their application in the orthodontic patient, when there are spaces for dental absences, and are acquired or related to development. It is still considered the orthodontic closure as an alternative solution to a prosthetic situation. However, after orthodontic closure, morphological remodeling must be performed of displaced teeth according to their new positions, especially if the problem affects the aesthetics, as it is only possible to achieve excellence in the results both from the aesthetic and functional standpoint. Skeletal Class III patient with delayed tooth eruption, and dental problems, such as central and upper canines and the presence of supernumerary teeth, make it a very complex orthodontic treatment. The treatment is carried out in two phases, first an orthopedic phase mask traction and acrylic splint expander screw to enhance skeletal relationships and a second orthodontic phase space closure by the absence of higher plants, and help with surgery to allow exposure of impacted canines. The contribution of orthodontics, orthopedics, oral surgery, dentures, and cosmetic dentistry is essential to solve some complex problems of malocclusions and to achieve excellence in the treatment outcome in many others.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2014;44(3):184-190)

Key words:
Class III. Malocclusion. Complex treatment. Oral surgery. Orthopedics.
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