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Original Article

Method of investigation of the adhesive effectiveness brace-enamel with endurance test to shear bond strength

2015, Volumen 45, Número 1
María Lobato Carreño, Marta de Dios Calama, Javier Montero Martín, Alberto Albaladejo Martínez
Doctora en Estomatología. Universidad de Salamanca. Práctica privada en Salamanca

Objective: To analyze the methods of study of orthodontic enamel-adhesive efficiency to shear bond strength (SBS) and observations of Adhesive Remnant Index (ARI) through its description and realization of photographs and diagrams to help our understanding. Material and Methods: This article was conducted by: (1) a bibliographic review using different bases of computer data (Med-Line and PubMed) with the purpose of obtaining through use of keywords and the interlinking of them, the articles with the impact index published in the last three years to tell us what the most used method is to measure the adhesive effectiveness in the adhesion studies in orthodontics; (2) describing the realization of the shear bond strength (SBS) and ARI test by (3) performing various diagrams and reproducibility in different protocols of adhesion in orthodontics. Results: Thirty articles with impact index were obtained and published between 2013-2015 in which the SBS and microtensile bond strength (MBS) test were used. Seven descriptive diagrams and photographs were made and taken to describe the preparation of the specimen (sample) and the execution of the SBS test as well as observations of the ARI and the interpretation of the obtained microscopy. Conclusion: The SBS test is the most used in recent years to evaluate the adhesive effectiveness in adhesion studies in orthodontics, whereas the MBS test is starting to fall into disuse in this field. The observation of the ARI method is the only one used in the strength adhesion in orthodontic attachments to assess the location of failed enamel orthodontic attachment adhesion.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2015;45(1):019-030)

Key words:
Scanning electron microscopy. Adhesive. Shear bond strength: Microtensile bond strength.
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