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New regression equations for predicting sizes of human teeth

2015, Volumen 45, Número 1
Beatriz Tarazona Álvarez, Natalia Zamora Martínez, Rosa María Cibrián Ortiz de Anda, Vanessa Paredes Gallardo, José Luis Gandía Franco
Doctora en Odontología. Máster de Especialización en Ortodoncia. Profesora asociada. Universidad de Valencia

Introduction: The aims of the study were to evaluate the applicability of the Moyers and Tanaka-Johnston Methods to individuals with a Spanish ancestry, to propose new regression equations using the lower four permanent incisors as predictors for the sum of the widths of the lower permanent canine and premolars, and to compare the new data to those from other populations. Methods: A total of 359 Spanish ancestry adolescents were selected. Their dental casts were measured using a 2D computerized system. Real teeth measurements were compared with those predicted using Moyers probability tables and Tanaka and Johnston equations, and standard regression equations were then developed. Results: Results showed that upper and lower canine and premolar (UCPM, LCPM) predictions are quite different depending on the used method. Moyers tables can only be validly applied to a 75% percentile for the mandible in both males and females; 85% in males and 90-92% in females. Conclusions: Moyers predictions tend to underestimate UCPM and LCPM whereas Tanaka-Johnston predictions tend to overestimate them. Equations for estimating the combined width of the unerupted canine and premolars were: Male: UCPM = 12.68 + 0.42 LI and LCPM = 11.71 + 0.44 LI. Female: UCPM = 12.06 + 0.43 LI and LCPM = 10.71 + 0.46 LI).  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2015;45(1):031-038)

Key words:
Moyers. Prediction. Regression equations. Tanaka-Johnston.
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