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Important considerations of orthodontics with self-ligating brackets versus conventional ligation

2015, Volumen 45, Número 2
Pedro Arteche, Giovanni Oberti, Juan Fernando Aristizabal, Ángela Sierra, Diego Rey
Residente de Ortodoncia. Universidad CES. Medellín, Colombia

Self-ligating brackets have strongly re-emerged in the last two decades to be sought by orthodontists and patients. Dr. Dwight Damon developed one of the most popular systems and suggested that low friction is a key factor to enable more efficient treatments. A literature review was performed to identify the potential advantages that this system might have over conventional appliances. It has been proven in vitro that self-ligating systems generate lower friction when compared to conventional ligation. However, when comparing Damon® brackets with conventional brackets in clinical situations, the alignment mechanism seems to be very similar, mainly by incisor pro-inclination and transversal development of the arches. Regarding the efficiency of the system, there is evidence that ligation and change of the arches is faster with the Damon® system, but when evaluating the speed of alignment, the total number of appointments, and the total treatment times, the reported results are different possibly due to the large number of factors that may influence treatment. Only one study evaluating the long-term stability was identified and it did not find significant differences. It should be borne in mind that none of the studies reviewed followed the treatment protocols of the Damon® system, which could be a limiting factor. Therefore, it is considered that further randomized controlled trials with good methodology that follow the treatment protocols suggested by the manufacturers of each system are needed to test their real benefits. In addition, a long-term follow-up of studies of this type could provide good evidence of the efficiency and stability of these treatments.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2015;45(2):093-100)

Key words:
Damon® system. Self-ligation. Friction. Treatment efficiency.
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