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Systematic Review

Low friction. Archwire frictional resistance of self-ligating and conventional brackets

2016, Volumen 46, Número 2
Irina Boca, Beatriz Solano Mendoza, José Enrique Solano Reina
Alumna de Máster Ortodoncia y Ortopedia Facial. Universidad de Sevilla. Sevilla

Objectives: To compare the frictional resistance of orthodontic self-ligating and conventionally ligated archwire brackets in vivo. Materials and methods: The electronic databases of Medline and PubMed were searched. In vivo studies, split-mouth investigations that addressed the archwires´ frictional resistance of self-ligating and conventional brackets were selected and reviewed. Moreover, a secondary search was conducted examining the reference list of each article of the original search so as to identify any article that met our inclusion criteria, but may have been lost in the initial electronic search. Results: The initial electronic search resulted in a total of 112 articles and three additional articles obtained through a manual search of the reference list. After applying the selection criteria, only 10 studies were included in this review. Conclusion: Self-ligating brackets produce less friction in aligned dental arches when used with round archwires. Nevertheless, there is no scientific proof that self-ligating brackets produce less friction with rectangular archwires in severely malpositioned teeth.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2016;46(2):071-077)

Key words:
Archwire. Self ligating. Review.
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