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Retained horizontal upper canines labially oriented: Some clinical cases

2017, Volumen 47, Número 1
Javier Álvarez Carlón
Ortodoncista de práctica exclusiva. Madrid.

The upper canines with horizontal ectopic eruption directed to labial are very unusual and seldom described in the literature. We say, “retained” because they could erupt as there is nothing preventing it. In English we could also use the term “non-erupted”. Observing the tridimensional images, it is possible to realize that the germ of these canines does not originate in its normal position under the orbit and near the apertura piriforne, but in a site palatal to the roots of the second premolar or even of the first molar. It looks as if from that point the canine is trying to reach its normal position within the dental arch. The evolution of these canines could alter the form or the size of the first premolar’s roots. We are showing four of these canines treated in three patients. Although this kind of case seems to be very difficult, with ability, observation, and lots of patience really they are not so difficult.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2017;47(1):005-013)

Key words:
Impacted cuspids. Horizontally impacted maxillary canines labially oriented. Maxillary premolar resorption by canines.
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