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Virtual planning in orthognathic surgery: Workflow process

2017, Volumen 47, Número 1
Sebastián Espinosa Sánchez y Claudia González Opazo
Cirujano Dentista. Cirujano Maxilofacial. Hospital Sótero del Río. Tutor de Posgrado. Especialización en Cirugía y Traumatología Bucal y Maxilofacial. Universidad de Chile. Santiago de Chile. Chile

Orthognathic surgery is an alternative for solving aesthetic and functional problems in patients with dentofacial disharmonies. With the arrival of virtually assisted surgery, working times and costs have decreased and also it has improved the accuracy and precision of results. Planning a surgical case involves an integration between the orthodontist and the surgeon in order to obtain predictable and stable results over time. Such integration requires the establishment of a common language so as to obtain the best performance in decision-making by both parties. In this article, we present the workflow sequence we propose to perform virtually assisted orthognathic surgery so as to introduce the orthodontist to this new system in planning ortho-surgical cases.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2017;47(1):014-023)

Key words:
Orthognathic surgery. Dentofacial disharmony. Surgical planning. Computer-assisted surgery.
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