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Original Article

Inferior arch form and facial biotype determination in pre-orthodontic patients

2017, Volumen 47, Número 1
Eusebio Valenzuela, Neyra Jammal y Hugo Trevisi
Department of Orthodontics, Universidad Latinoamericana, Valle Campus, Mexico City, Mexico

Due to the mix of race in our population, different dental arch sizes and forms exist, with variations both in intercanine and intermolar distances. Commercial arches usually do not correspond to these forms and sizes; nevertheless, they are commonly utilized by orthodontists. The aim of this study was to determine which the prevalent lower arch form is among pre-orthodontic patients with permanent dentition in a Mexican population, as well as defining their facial biotype. Pre-manufactured Trevisi Orthodontic Diagram templates were used. The sample included 200 dental casts, regardless of the molar class, gender, or facial biotype that were treated at Universidad Latinoamericana Campus Valle’s orthodontic clinic. Cephalometric analyses were made, such as Ricketts and VERT. Results showed that the combination 6E and 7C was the most prevalent, with 18 cases out of a total of 200 (9% each). They were followed by combinations 6C and 7E, with 7% of total sample each. According to the study results, it is not possible to generalize the arch form. The arches to be employed must match the form and size of each patient. The importance of this work is to identify whether the arch form can be standardized for a population, regarding the commercial arch wire forms used generally, because it is important to obtain stability, function, and aesthetics.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2017;47(1):024-028)

Key words:
Dental arch form. Prevalence. Stability.
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