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Biomechanics in transparent orthodontics

2018, Volumen 48, Número 1
Juan Carlos Rivero Lesmes, Fara Yeste Ojeda y Ana Nogal Coloma
Médico estomatólogo, Doctor en medicina y cirugía, Profesor Titular de Profilaxis, Estomatología Infantil y Ortodoncia. Director del Máster de Ortodoncia y Ortopedia Dentomaxilar. Institución Mississippi y U.S.P, CEU. Miembro diplomado de la SEDO. Miembro activo de la EOS. Ortodoncista de práctica exclusiva. Madrid

The great development and progress of Transparent Orthodontics techniques has been possible thanks to biotechnology, based on clinical evidence and efficacy and research studies in bioengineering and software technology, making it possible for these techniques to become authentic Therapeutic Systems, without forgetting that the biology, the physiology, the biophysical, biomechanical, biochemical, bioelectrical concepts, that sustain the Orthodontics, as a specialty within the OdontoEstomatology, remain the same. In the present work, we review the biomechanical principles that support the orthodontic tooth movements necessary for the therapeutic correction of the different malocclusions.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2018;48(1):005-013)

Key words:
Transparent Orthodontics. Biomechanics. Aligners. Malocclusions. Intrusion. Extrusion. Rotation. Tilt. Torque. Distalization. Mesialization. Expansion. Attachments. Differential Anchorage.
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