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Review of the literature

Long-term stability of anterior open bite treatment combining orthodontic and orthognathic surgery

2018, Volumen 48, Número 2
Laura del Río Diezhandino, Iván Nieto Sánchez, Mario Alberto Garcilazo Ambriz, Javier de la Cruz Pérez
Centro de Ortodoncia Novasmile, Valencia

Aim: To evaluate the long-term stability of anterior open bite treatment by orthodontics and orthognathic surgery. To evaluate whether the stability varies according to the surgical technique and the type of fixation used. Material and Methods: A bibliographic search was carried out in the main databases and scientific journals of interest. The key words were: “openbite or open bite”, stability or instabil. Results: From the initial search of 533 articles, eight were included in the review. All studies are retrospective, between 2005 and 2015. Three articles are from mandibular surgery, one from maxillary surgery and the other four from bimaxillary surgery. All of them have used rigid internal fixation. The lowest percentages of recurrence, 0-9.7% were observed for mandibular surgery studies. The highest relapse rate, 12-12.5% was found in bimaxillary and maxillary surgery studies, respectively. Discussion: The authors agree that continuous eruption of the incisors compensates for bone relapse. In spite of classic articles showed higher stability for maxillary surgery, this review shows less relapse for mandibular surgery cases. Conclusions: Studies with greater homogeneity are necessary, as well as patients with similar characteristics or studies with only one type of surgery. All authors conclude that both surgeries are stable. The key is to choose the surgery according to the altered parameters of the patient and their aesthetic needs. The overall rate of relapse of the review ranges from 0-16%.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2018;48(2):068-076)

Key words:
Mini-screws. Jaw. Proclination. Herbst. Class II.
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