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Clinical case

Multidisciplinary treatment with conservative dentistry, orthodontics and orthognathic surgery in a skeletal class III patient with severe dental deterioration

2018, Volumen 48, Número 2
Raúl Ferrando Cascales, Diego Riera Álvarez, Rafael de Paz Sánchez
Doctor en Odontología. Máster en Ortodoncia y Ortopedia Dentofacial. Universidad de Murcia (UMU). Profesor y director de la Unidad de Ortodoncia de la Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM), Murcia

We present a clinical case with a severe asymmetric class III malocclusion, which consequences over time have been very negative for the integrity of the patient’s teeth. Although the reason for consultation was: “I want to fix my mouth and improve my aesthetics”, a treatment with orthodontics and orthognathic surgery was advised for correlating both teeth and bone bases. In this way, the restoring dentist could rehabilitate the dentition in a suitable framework, both aesthetic and functional. The patient accepted the proposed treatment plan and it was carried out in its entirety. Three years after completion, no orthodontic recurrence was observed, and the dental restorations remained intact. We attribute this stable result to the patient completing the treatment with an adequate dental gear in a stable orthopaedic condylar position.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2018;48(2):077-085)

Key words:
Orthognatic surgery. Skeletal class III patient. Cut-back technique.
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