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Clinical Case

Management of myofascial pain and orthodontic treatment completed in centric relationship in a patient with a history of mandibular fracture. Report of a case

2018, Volumen 48, Número 4
Josimar Guillén-Rivas, Liliana Anguiano-Flores, Claudia Salinas-Escoboza y Juan M. Guizar-Mendoza
Maestría en Ortodoncia; Departamento de Clínica de disfunción temporomandibular. Universidad de La Salle Bajío, León, Guanajuato, México Correspondencia: Josimar

The dentoskeletal malocclusions etiology is multifactorial, being one of the etiological factors the maxillofacial traumatisms; among them the most common are the madibular fractures, which are related to temporomandibular joint pain or myofacial pain of occlusal origin. The patients request and demand a treatment that eliminates the symptomatology and guaranteed in the long term, besides correcting the facial aesthetics and the dental function altered by traumatisms. Occasionally, conservative therapy with mandibular repositioning occlusal splints is the treatment of choice prior to orthodontic correction, since it is necessary to initially reposition the mandibular anatomical structures in a centric relation that allows an orthopedically stable position independently of the altered occlusion, and based on this position, perform the necessary dental movements by means of orthodontic mechanics, maintaining the articulated anatomical structures of the mandible in centric relation and seeking a coincidence in maximum intercuspation.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2018;48(4):179-186)

Key words:
Myofacial pain. Centric relationship. Maximum intercuspation. Mandibular repositioning splint.
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