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Estudio piloto de la estabilidad primaria de los microtornillos Storm®

2020, Volumen 50, Número 2
Álvaro Ramos Borao, Iván Nieto Sánchez, Carmen Mediero Pérez, Javier de la Cruz Pérez
Alumno de año; Profesor; Director. Máster Universitario en Ortodoncia, Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio, Madrid.

Objectives: Miniscrews are temporary anchorage devices used in orthodontic which are subject to different complications. Although its use is increased, there’s no evidence in the literature about how these factors affects the failure rate of miniscrews. The aim of this study was to quantificate the success rate of the Storm® miniscrews in relation to different factors. Methods and results: Storm® miniscrews of 1.5 × 8 mm were used in those patients who need it to reach the objectives of the treatment placing them both maxillar and mandible. The insertion torque was measured using a torque ratchet (Biomet 3i®) in the final stage of the insertion. Also different parameters were registered (sex, location, smoking, type of anchorage). The statistical analysis performed was the chi squared. 24 miniscrew were inserted, of which 7 failed. The sample was composed by 14 patients, 12 women and 2 men. Conclusions: No significant differences were found between the sex of the patient and the success of the miniscrew (p < 0.05). The average torque was 6.3 Nw. Torques values between 5-10 Nw can be considered safe for reach successful results. The sex of the patients, in this study, affect the success. There is no relation between higher failure rates and the location or the type of anchorage used.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2020;50(2):2-057-062)

Key words:
Orthodontics. Anchorage. Miniscrew. Failure rate. Success.
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