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Caso clínico

Retención de incisivo: a propósito de un caso

2020, Volumen 50, Número 2
Claudia De Pedro Ramírez, Maria Ordóñez Vilà, Marta Monllau Quintana, Alejandro Rivera Baró
Máster en Ortodoncia y malformaciones dentofaciales; Jefatura del Servicio de Ortodoncia y Odontopediatría; Codirección Máster Ortodoncia y malformaciones dentofaciales. Hospital Universitario Sant Joan de Déu, Universidad de Barcelona, Barcelona.

A 9-year-old patient referred to orthodontics service of Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona due to 2.1’s retention due to the presence of two mesiodens. Second phase mixed teething, 2.1 absence, skeletal class I. Extraction of erupted mesiodens and watchful waiting kept for the second mesiodens, which was finally exodontiated in the operating room. Afterwards, 2.1 orthodontic traction carried out by a utilitarian arch (2 × 4).  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2020;50(2):2-075-082)

Key words:
Orthodontic traction. Eruptive alteration. Supernumerary teeth. Unerupted permanent incisors.
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