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Clinical Case

Interdisciplinary gerorthodontics: a case report

2005, Volumen 35, Número 3
César Ventureira Pedrosa, Margarita Varela Morales
Ortodoncista de práctica exclusiva. Colaborador docente del Programa de Posgrado de Ortodoncia de la Fundación Jiménez Díaz. Madrid

The important increase of adult patients requesting orthodontic treatment has forced the orthodontists to adapt their treatment schedules: strength levels, mechanics and particularly the philosophy of treatment regarding expectations with respect to the results. The search for aesthetic and oclusal “excellence”, which has been the paradigm of the traditional orthodontics limited to the children and adolescents, must become a more realistic attitude with the adult patient. Most of the time “the best possible result” has to be accepted as the goal of treatment and, in order to obtain these results, it must be recognized that the interdisciplinary collaboration among different experts is mandatory. General dentists, periodontists, endodontologists, oral surgeons and orthodontists “pull in the same direction” to fulfill a fundamental principle: “the final result must be greater than the sum of its components”. But the question is: what is the age limit to perform an orthodontic treatment? The interdisciplinary approach of a complex dental disorder in a 73 years old patient is reported. She showed a moderate periodontal disease and a malocclusion with severe bone-tooth discrepancy, extensive dental abrasions, Bolton discrepancy and dental extractions. Although the result could be considered only acceptable by the clinics involved in the interdisciplinary treatment, it fulfilled the patient’s expectations in a reasonable time.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2005;35(3):243-254)

Key words:
Interdisciplinary orthodontic. Periodontal disease. Lower incisor extraction. Bolton discrepancy. Stripping.
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