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Clinical Case

About the skeletal Class III malocclusion conservative approach: a case report

2006, Volumen 36, Número 2
César Ventureira Pedrosa, Lourdes Aguilera Jiménez, Margarita Varela Morales
Ortodoncista de práctica exclusiva. Torrelodones, Madrid. Colaborador docente del Posgrado de Ortodoncia de la Fundación Jiménez Díaz

The clinical case of a teenager patient with a skeletal and functional mixed Class III, malocclusion is reported. This malocclusion is best characterized by three dimensional skeletal and dentoalveolar changes in both upper and lower maxillae: negative overjet, narrow maxilla, posterior crossbite and facial aesthetics disharmony. The nature of the malocclusion was determined in terms of skeletal and occlusal discrepancies, dentoalveolar compensations, periodontal status and age. Due to the patient and parents absolute reticence to accept a combined surgical-orthodontic treatment, a conservative approach was suggested including two phases: one orthopaedic, with a acrylic bite-blocks rapid palatal expansor (RPE) and a facial mask followed by an orthodontic phase with fixed appliances, transpalatal bar, lingual arch and a high pull chin-cup. The main treatment goal was: to achieve a positive overjet and a Class I occlusion avoiding surgery to satisfy the patient’s demands.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2006;36(2):127-141)

Key words:
Skeletal Class III. Conservative approach. Rapid palatal expansion. Maxillae orthopaedic traction.
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