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Original Article

Implant site development by orthodontic extrusion

2005, Volumen 35, Número 1
B. Giuliano Maino, Paola Mura, Giovanna Maino, Paola Alessandrini
Especialista en Ortodoncia. Profesor contratado. Universidad de Parma. Parma, Italia

This article describes principles and guide lines to carefully evaluate and recognize periodontal compromised teeth that can offer, by means of orthodontic extrusion, a potential possibility to create increased volumes of alveolar bone in the vertical plane prior to placement of implants. Starting from a thorough analysis of the physiological mechanisms that start, both at bone and soft tissues level, with the tension applied to gingival and periodontal ligament fibers, it’s arrived to illustrate a clinical case. It was clinically performed what is well-documented in literature: with this orthodontic procedure hopeless teeth become a precious resource to create a well-developed implant site that allows an optimal prosthetic rehabilitation. The improvement of bone profile in its vertical dimension associated with an extraordinary aesthetic advantage, represented by the restoration of a natural architecture of both hard and soft tissue, make this orthodontic procedure a precious alternative to all the surgical technique that can be considered in this clinical situation. Clinical results are achieved respecting tissues biology. The orthodontic phase is well-accepted by the patients, due to the fact that the achievement of the expected aesthetic result is associated with a non-surgical procedure and no necessity of further periodontal operations. Clinical results achieved are stable.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2005;35(1):047-054)

Key words:
Implant site development. Periodontal compromised teeth. Orthodontic extrusion.
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