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Midplant: palatal implant for non-compliance treatment of Class II malocclusions

2004, Volumen 34, Número 1
B. Giuliano Maino, Paolo Pagin, Giovanna Maino, Paola Mura
Especialista en ortodoncia. Profesor visitante Universidad de Parma. Práctica privada Vicenza, Italia

Midplant is a two-part osseousintegrated implant system, specifically designed to provide orthodontic anchorage: the intraosseous portion (Core) is placed in palate and after osseousintegration is connected to a removable transmucosal portion of different shape depending on the anchorage need: Oric-Cap is used when anchorage is stable throughout treatment (extraction cases), Oric E.A. is suggested when anchorage condition can vary during treatment (non-extraction or asymmetric cases). Laboratory phases are described. Midplant system allows treatment to proceed successfully with virtually no anchorage loss and minimal patient cooperation. It provides the ability to move groups of teeth simultaneously thus reducing treatment time. The option of leaving the infrabony Core in place after treatment makes the Midplant system more easily acceptable to the patient.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2004;34(1):005-020)

Key words:
Mini-implants. Anchorage. No-compliance treatment.
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