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Spider Screw: absolute anchorage for immediate load

2003, Volumen 33, Número 1
B. Giuliano Maino, Paolo Pagin, Paola Mura
Especialista en Ortodoncia. Profesor Visitante. Universidad de Parma (Italia). Práctica privada. Vicenza, Italia

The stability of the anchorage unit plays a very important role in orthodontic anchorage control. Orthodontic movements such as retraction and/or protraction of teeth and intrusion of overerupted teeth are very difficult to achieve without cooperation and without causing undesirable reciprocal movement in the anchorage unit. The article describes characteristics, surgical procedure and clinical use of the Spider Screw®, an ideal non-dental and non-cooperating anchorage system. The Spider Screws are selftapping, titanium mini-screws with immediate loading capability. Their utilisation involves a simple biomechanical principle while utilizing a minimum of orthodontic appliances. Ideal orthodontic forces (in the range from 50 to 250 g) can be applied to achieve the orthodontic movements planned. Osseo-integration is neither expected nor desired for this anchorage system. The Spider Screw® anchorage system can be used to support different types of orthodontic movement especially in clinical situations involving incomplete dental arches and limited cooperation such as many typical adult orthodontic cases. The ease of surgical procedure combined with the reduced dimension of the Spider Screw® diameter also permits its use in clinical situations involving complete intact arches where anchorage recovery is necessary during treatment.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2003;33(1):021-030)

Key words:
Anchorage. Mini-screws. No-cooperation system.
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