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Original Article

Enamel-bracket tensile bond strength of adhesive products

2002, Volumen 32, Número 4
Valentina Otal, José E. Espasa, Juan R. Boj, José Durán
Profesora asociada. Universidad de Barcelona. Barcelona

This study compares bond strength after 24 hours of five composites: two self-cured, System 1+® (S) and Rely a bond® (RB), and three ligth-cured, Transbond® (T), Enligth® (E) and Sequence® (Se). RB, E, and Se are fluoride releasing adhesives. The tensile bond strength were tested on electronic tensile tester, crosshead speed 1 mm/m. After bracket removal, the enamel surface of the debonding site was examined and assessed with the adhesive remanent index (ARI). The mean tensile bond strength was found to be significantly greater for T (6,45 ± 2,12 MPa; p < 0,05). Bond failure was at adhesive-bracket base for all groups. Self or ligth curing didn’t show relation with residual debris on enamel after debonding, but ARI scores were lower with fluoride releasing adhesives.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2002;32(4):317-323)

Key words:
Tensile bond strength. Bracket bonding. Adhesive remanent index.
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