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Clinical Case

Ameloblastic odontome like cause path eruption deviation of maxillary canine

2001, Volumen 31, Número 2
Alicia Lanuza

Ameloblastic odontome like cause of path eruption deviation of maxillary canine. The case of a girl aged 9 years with an odontome in the left incisor-canine region of the maxillary is presented. The diagnosis was casual, when a panoramic radiograph was made for orthodontic propose. The radiograph revealed that the eruption path of left maxillary canine was moved to a distal and superior position in the bone. It eruption was greatly delayed, even after the surgical removal of the tumour. The anatomopathological analysis showed the presence of an ameloblastic odontome. Finally, when the canine erupts, the orthodontic therapy was performed in order to correct the overbite, to align the arches and to obtain a good occlusion.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2001;31(2):133-137)

Key words:
Odontome. Canine retained. Impacted teeth.
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