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Relationship of occlusion, sex and age with condilar position

2000, Volumen 30, Número 2
Juan Manuel Bujaldón Daza, Arturo Baca García, Rocío Rodríguez Argaiz, Antonio Luis Bujaldón Daza, Juan Miguel Lozano Linares
Licenciado y Doctor en Odontología. Magister en Ortodoncia por la UCM y Ortodoncista de práctica exclusiva. Granada

Introduction: A study of condyle position could be of interest as many authors defend the hypothesis that temporomandibular disorders are caused by incorrect positioning of the condyle in its fossa during occlusion. Aim: Analyse the discrepancies in condyle position in our sample and its possible relationship in maximum intercuspation with different occlusal patterns, sex and age. Material and method: A study was made of a total of 124 patients who attended an orthodontic clinic for treatment. The study included mounting of models in a SAM II articulator and obtaining condyle records using a Mandibular Position Indicator (MPI). The statistical analysis consisted of descriptive statistics, global crossed tabulations, conditioning to a third category (X2 at 5%), and factorial correspondence analysis. Results: Statistically significant associations were found between the groups of cross bite with sagittal condylar discrepancy on the left and the established ranges of transversal condylar movement of the jaw. Age and sex do not influence mandibular discrepancies between centric relation and maximum intercuspation. Conclusions: There is a discrepancy between the central relationship and maximum intercuspation in 60% of our sample in the sagital plane and 75% in the transverse plane. Occlusion, represented by the groups of cross bite, is related to the condyle position but not to age or sex.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2000;30(2):143-152)

Key words:
Condyle position. Occlusion. Sex. Age. Articulator.
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