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Original Article

Properties of a fluoride-releasing orthodontic adhesive filled with S-PRG particles

2007, Volumen 37, Número 2
Rogelio José Scougall Vilchis, Shin-ichi Mimura, Kohji Yamamoto
Residente de año de doctorado (PhD), MDSc & Ort. División de Ciencia, Función y Rehabilitación Oral. Facultad de Odontología. Universidad de Asahi. Mizuho, Prefectura de Gifu, Japón

Objective. This study aimed to evaluate the properties of a self-etching primer (SEP), fluoride-releasing orthodontic adhesive containing S-PRG filler particles. Methods. One hundred extracted human bicuspids were randomly divided into four groups. In groups I (Control 24 h) and II (Control termocycling), the enamel was etched (37% H3PO4; 30 s), and stainless steel brackets were bonded with Transbond XT. In groups III (Experimental 24 h) and IV (Experimental thermocycling), the enamel was conditioned with self-etching primer (3 s), and brackets were bonded with BeautyOrtho Bond. The samples were stored (37 °C, 24 h), only groups II and IV were thermocycled (5/55 °C; 1500 cycles); after which, shear bond strengths were tested (0.5 mm/min). The scoring of adhesive remnant index (ARI) was also recorded. Additionally, the effect of enamel conditioners was observed under a scanning electron microscope. Results. The bond strengths of groups I and II were significantly higher than groups III and IV. The ARI showed significant differences and more adhesive remained in groups I and II. The enamel surface conditioned with self-etching primer was more similar to the untreated enamel. Conclusions. The properties of the adhesive evaluated include faster application of the conditioner, gentler action on the enamel surface and fluoride-releasing. Even though shear bond strengths of experimental groups were significantly lower than control groups, their values were higher than the bond strength recommended for clinical treatment and stainless steel brackets could be successfully bonded with this bonding system, obtaining lower amount of adhesive residual after debonding.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2007;37(2):119-126)

Key words:
Self-etching primer. Bond strength. Adhesive remnant.
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