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Original Article

Effectiveness of straight wire appliance versus conventional full edgewise assessed with the six keys analysis

1999, Volumen 29, Número 2
Erik A.J. Reukers, Anne M. Kuijpers, M.A. vant Hof
Departamento de Ortodoncia y Biología Oral. Universidad de Nijmegen. Holanda

To compare the effectiveness of Straight Wire Appliance (fully programmed appliance or FPA) to conventional full edgewise (partly programmed appliance or PPA) a randomised clinical trial was carried out. Study models (nFPA = 67, nPPA = 67), made at the day the fixed appliances were removed, were evaluated using the Six Keys Analysis. The results showed that the angulation of the maxillary anterior teeth was better with the FPA. In no single patient all six keys were present together. When the models were divided into a non-extraction (n = 85) and an extraction group (n = 49) the non-extraction group scored better on mandibular anterior inclination, rotation, tight contacts and AP molar relationship but worse on mandibular posterior inclination, and this was irrespective of the type of appliance. It was concluded that equally adequate treatment results can be achieved with Straight Wire Appliance and conventional full edgewise therapy.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 1999;29(2):096-106)

Key words:
Straight wire appliance. Edgewise appliance.
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