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A retrospective clinical study: Class II skeletal assessment with Bionator or Twin Block therapy

2009, Volumen 39, Número 3
Pablo Tapia González, Esther Alonso Pérez, Rosana Ruano Gómez, Javier de la Cruz
Máster de Ortodoncia en el Hospital San Rafael. Madrid. Práctica de Ortodoncia privada

Objectives. In this retrospective clinical study, we assessed skeletal, dental and soft tissue changes after using Bionator or Twin Block therapy. Materials and methods. Forty nine patients were examined, 25 of them treated with Bionator and 24 with Twin Block. The two groups were defined in order to assess cephalometric changes at initial stage (T1) and before treatment (T2). Skeletical changes were defined by two measurements: facial convexity and Ricketts mandibular plane angle. Dental changes were defined by upper and lower incisor angle, overjet and overbite. Soft tissue changes were defined by nasolabial angle (ANL) and mentolabial angle (AML). Initial and final mean and standard deviation were analyzed. A comparative analysis of the mean difference was done. A p value of .01 was considered statistically significant. We used the statistical program SPSS for Windows. Results. Facial convexity was found decreased in both samples; while the mandibular plane, ANL and AML angles was increased. Both appliances retroclined the upper incisors and proclined the lower incisors, what helped the correction of overjet and overbite. Conclusion. Although Bionator and Twin Block therapies improved skeletal Class II, Twin Block effects were slightly greater than Bionator effects. Moreover there was a proclination of the upper incisors with a better harmony of the facial profile.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2009;39(3):205-211)

Key words:
Facial profile. Functional therapy. Bionator. Twin Block.
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