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Original Article

Preservation of alveolar bone in cases of loss or absence of a permanent tooth

2001, Volumen 31, Número 4
Asunción Mendoza Mendoza, Enrique Solano Reina
Profesora Titular de Odontopediatría. Facultad de Odontología. Universidad de Sevilla. Sevilla

In the absence of teeth (due to loss or agenesis), the intraosseous stimulation that maintains the alveolar bone disappears and a bone degeneration process is triggered, first affecting the width and later the height of the alveolar bone. This in turn leads to a variety of anatomical limitations that will come to represent one of the most critical challenges in the quest for satisfactory solutions to the problem of correct implant placement. This article presents two clinical cases (one due to tooth loss and the other to agenesis), for which different rehabilitative treatments were adopted and where the alveolar crest has been preserved into adulthood.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2001;31(4):271-280)

Key words:
Self-transplantation. Agenesis.
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