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Truths and contradictions in the theory of centric relation

2010, Volumen 40, Número 4
Eduardo Díaz Muñoz, Karla Valdez Benavente
Egresado de la Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal. Especialista en Ortodoncia Universidad Peruana de los Andes. Docente de la especialidad de Ortodoncia Universidad Peruana de los Andes. Maestría en Investigación y docencia Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal

The method used to validate or refute the arguments of the centric relation was based on deductive syllogisms evaluated with the theory of sets and truth tables. The conclusions were: centric relation is not a state of a muscular tonic contraction; any articular pathology in relation with anterior displacement of the disc is associated to a superior and posterior position of the mandibular condyle, which excludes condilar position in maximal occlusion in relationship with articular diseases; we conclude that, if maximal occlusion is opposite to a posterior-superior position of the mandibular condyle, then it is not a position that produces an anterior displacement of the disc; the ideal statement of the mandibular condyle would be associated to the interocclusal free space because of muscular balance. Otherwise it is known that is a variable position and it is associated to functional, systemic, stressing, biotyping factors.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2010;40(4):245-252)

Key words:
Centric relation. Dental occlusion. Temporomandibular joint disorders. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome. Jaw relation record.
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