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Original Article

Frequency of Candida albicans in children wearing removable orthodontic appliances

2011, Volumen 41, Número 1
Sirin Nevzatoglu, Nazan Küçükkeles, Tanju Kadir
Departamento de Ortodoncia. Universidad de Marmara. Estambul, Turquía

Aim of this study was to evaluate the adherence frequency of Candida albicans in patients having orthodontic therapy with removable appliances. Sixty seven patients (39 girls, 28 boys) two in permanent, sixty five in the mixed dentition period were selected. The swabs were taken from the hard palate just before the delivery of the appliances and both from the hard palate and the inner surfaces of the appliances after 1 month treatment. All samples cultured for fungal growth and Candida species were identified using germ-tube test, chlamydospore formation test and API 20C AUX system. Before the delivery of the appliances only 3 of 67 patients (4.4%) had C. albicans on the palatal tissue. At the end of the one month active treatment time, the number increased to 15 patients (22.4%). In 4 patients (26.7%) C. albicans was localized only at the palatal side and in 5 patients (33.3%) only on the surface of their appliances. Six of 15 patients (40%) had C. albicans on both the palatal tissue surface and over the acrylic plate. Removable appliance therapy had a positive influence upon the prevalence of oral candidal carriage.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2011;41(1):049-053)

Key words:
Removable. Oral hygiene.
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