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Original Article

Shear bond strength of composite resin brackets

2012, Volumen 42, Número 2
César Iván Velázquez Ramírez, Rogelio José Scougall Vilchis, Claudia Centeno Pedraza, Judith Arjona Serrano, Toshio Kubodera Ito
DDS. Esp. en Ort. Departamento de Ortodoncia, CIEAO. Facultad de Odontología. Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México

Objective. To compare the effects on shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets made of different composite resins. Methods. A total of 80 premolars were stored in thymol 0.2% (wt/vol) and randomly divided into four groups (n = 20/g). In all groups the enamel was self-etched for 5 s and the brackets were made with a template acetate and composite resin for orthodontic prescription as follows: group I, Turbo Bond II (TP Orthodontics Inc); group II, Blugloo (Ormco Corp); group III, Transbond Plus Color Change (3M Unitek), and group VI, Greengloo (Ormco Corp). The samples were light cured for 20 s, stored (37 °C, 24 h), and tested (0.5 mm/min). The results were statistically analyzed (ANOVA p < 0.05). The adhesive remnant index (ARI) was also analyzed (χ2 test). Results. The average value of all the groups (I [14.8 ± 4.4 MPa], II [13.6 ± 5.9 MPa], III [12.7 ± 3.6 MPa], and IV [13.8 ± 5.3 MPa]) was higher than the optimum values for orthodontic tooth movement and found no statistically significant differences between groups. Regarding the ARI, no significant differences were found between the groups. Conclusions. The present research showed that all tested resins can be effective in the fabrication of orthodontic attachments used for different applications of active treatment without affecting the integrity of the enamel.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2012;42(2):073-077)

Key words:
Shear bond strenght. Composite resin. Brackets mold.
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