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Impacted permanent central maxillary incisors: A retrospective analysis of 35 patients treated with orthodontics

2014, Volumen 44, Número 1
Margarita Varela Morales
Unidad de Ortodoncia. Hospital Universitario Fundación Jiménez Díaz. Madrid

Aim: To to analyze some aspects ot the etiology, diagnosis and interdisciplinary treatment of the impacted upper central permanente incisors. Method: 35 patients (35 teeth) with impaction of 11 and/or 22 were retrospectively evaluated to determine the etiology of impaction, diagnostic procedures, interdisciplinary approach and the outcome of the treatment. Results: The most frequent etiology was supernumerary teeth followed by dental trauma in temporary teeth and odontoma. The treatment was interdisciplinary in every case. Less than half of the teeth erupted spontaneously after gingivectomy and opening the space and five teeth were extracted as planned before treatment. The remaining were successfully brought to the normal position. The space corresponding to the extracted incisors was orthodontically managed by mesialization and aesthetic treatment. Conclusión: The rate of success of the interdisciplinary treatment of uppercentral incisors can be very high, even in case of dislaceration with severe eruptive deviation. In case of extraction in children, mesialization and aesthetic treatment can be an alternative to prosthetic solutions.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2014;44(1):018-027)

Key words:
Impacted upper incisor. Supernumerary teeth. Orthodontic extrusion.
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