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Corticotomies and its rol in the orthodontic treatment

2014, Volumen 44, Número 2
Rafael Castro Alonso, M. Fernanda González Vera
Ortodoncistas exclusivos

Research in the field of tissue engineering has increased in recent years, as well as its relation to clinical practice. Much of this investigation has arisen to support the increased demand for orthodontic treatment for adults, who request mostly short-term treatment. Many procedures have been described, such as drugs, laser, electric stimulation, and surgical techniques in combination with orthodontic forces to facilitate and accelerate dental advances. This paper consists of a review of the literature with the purpose of updating the concepts related to alveolar corticotomy, described as a procedure that facilitates and accelerates orthodontic tooth movement, shortening the treatment time. It is considered a promising technique that can be safely applied in carefully selected cases as part of a well-designed treatment plan, facilitating and accelerating dental movement in a limited time period and providing several advantages. It is, therefore, considered more efficient than other procedures. However, there is still a lack of well-controlled studies that would allow alveolar corticotomy to be considered an evidence-based technique in humans. This opens an interesting field in the current investigation.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2014;44(2):111-121)

Key words:
Corticotomy. Orthodontic. Dental movement. RAP. Osteotomy. Osteogenic distraction.
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