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Original Article

Orthodontic intrusion in migrated anterior teeth with infrabony defects

2014, Volumen 44, Número 4
Javier Vilarrasa Sánchez, Fernando de la Iglesia Beyme
Máster de Periodoncia e Implantes. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. San Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona

Objectives: The main objective is to review the biological, mechanical, clinical, radiographic, and aesthetic changes that occur during the correction of infrabony defects of migrated teeth with orthodontic intrusion. Materials and methods: A bibliographic search of relevant articles until 2013 conducted in Medline and PubMed databases. English papers were selected and list references of each one of the articles was checked in order to identify further classical articles and books. Results: Absence of supra and subgingival plaque and calculus is mandatory before applying the intrusion movement. Light and continuous forces of 10-15 g with a line of action as close as possible to the resistance center are recommended to intrude periodontal teeth. When those migrated teeth with infrabony defects are intruded, clinical parameters are improved, as well as the radiographic bone filling of the defects and aesthetics. It is possible in some clinical scenarios to regenerate the infrabony defect and apply and activate the orthodontic force the same day of the surgery, without compromising the periodontal status. Conclusions: Periodontal treatment is needed before orthodontic intrusion of periodontally compromised teeth. On the basis of this review of studies, periodontal and aesthetic improvement is achieved both in the infrabony defect and in the teeth.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2014;44(4):209-217)

Key words:
Infrabony defects. Orthodontic intrusion. Periodontal regeneration. Tooth migration.
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