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Clinical Case

Patient class II, handling of the deep bite with intraoral appliances

2014, Volumen 44, Número 4
Sonia Fernanda Cajas Joaqui, Beatriz Gurrola Martínez, Adán Casasa Araujo
Residente de primer año. Centro de Estudios Superiores en Ortodoncia (CESO). México, D.F.

There are different options for the management of treatment of class II skeletal and dental malocclusions among which are the extractions of permanent teeth and the distalization of maxillary molars with extraoral appliances and intraoral ones including micro screws that decrease the side effects to which we are accustomed when we do this kind of mechanical treatment. This article describes the case of a female patient of 13 years and four months old, class II skeletal hyperdivergent, dolicofacial, right molar class I, left molar class II, bilateral class II canine anterior deep bite, increased overjet, severe crowding lower curve pronounced spee. The goals of treatment were increased to keep the facial profile correction of increased overbite, increased overjet, curve pronounced spee, maxillary and mandibular crowding, dental midlines, obtaining class I bilateral canine and obtaining class I bilateral molar. Skeletal stability and a harmonious facial profile was achieved.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2014;44(4):223-227)

Key words:
Distalization. Class II malocclusion. Deep bite. Biteplate modified pendulum.
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