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Relationship between the incisors position and alveolar bone

2015, Volumen 45, Número 3
Verónica García Sanz, Carlos Bellot Arcís, José María Montiel Company, Vanessa Paredes Gallardo, José Luis Gandía Franco
Departamento de Estomatología. Facultad de Medicina y Odontología. Universidad de Valencia. Valencia

Objective: To study the relationship between the angulation and the anteroposterior position of the upper and lower incisors and the width and height of the vestibular alveolar bone. To establish a method that allows predicting the bone quantity based on the study of the lateral cephalogram. Study design: A retrospective descriptive study was conducted. A sample of 200 cone beam computed tomographies belonging to 116 women and 84 men was selected to measure the distance between the cementoenamel junction and the buccal alveolar ridge and the cortical bone width at the middle part of the root of the most protruded upper and lower incisors. On lateral cephalogram images obtained from those cone beam computed tomographies, inclination and sagittal position of the incisors were determined. Results: A linear correlation was found between upper incisor bone height and its inclination. This relationship was not obtained for the lower incisor. There was no correlation between the alveolar bone height and the anteroposterior position of upper and lower incisors. The cortical width is related to the angulation and sagittal position of the upper incisor. For the lower incisor, the alveolar width was found to be in relation with its inclination. Conclusions: Both variables inclination and anteroposterior position of the upper incisor are predictive variables for the height and width of alveolar bone. Angulation of lower incisor is a predictive variable for the alveolar width. It is not possible to establish a predictive model based on the cephalometric study.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2015;45(3):129-135)

Key words:
Orthodontics. Alveolar bone. CBCT. Dehiscence.
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