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Literature Review

Orthodontic treatment with and without extractions. Update

2017, Volumen 47, Número 3
Miren Igueregui Belakortu, Iván Nieto Sánchez, Javier de la Cruz Pérez, Inés Díaz Renovales
Máster Universitario de Ortodoncia y Ortopedia Dentofacial. Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio. Grado en Odontología. Universidad Europea de Madrid

Aim: To evaluate cephalometric changes in the soft profile of the facial lower third, the incisor position and intraarch changes in orthodontic treatment with extractions. Materials and Methods: Systematic review. Search for articles published in high impact journals and databases from 2000 to 2016. Inclusion criteria adolescent patients in permanent dentition with crowding and lip biprotrusion, preferably in Angle class I malocclusion, with all cephalometric record pre/post-treatment and removal of four premolars. Patients with agenesis or previous extractions, orthognathic surgery, angle class III malocclusion and previous use of appliances were not included. Results: 821 articles were found, but only nine fulfilled the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The included studies are assigned in groups according to the main objective: facial profile and dimension of the arches. ­Conclusion: The more posterior the tooth is extracted, the less influence will have on the soft tissue profile. After extraction treatment, patient has a more retruded profile, increased nasolabial angle, a more posterior lower incisor and lip position, a decreased lower third of the face, increased overbite and intercanine arch width and decreased intermolar width.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2017;47(3):152-160)

Key words:
Extraction. Soft tissue. Facial lower third. Intermolar arch width. Intercanine arch width.
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