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Condylectomy, surgery first, and maxillary disjunction: Treatment approach for facial asymmetry correction in condylar hyperplasia

2018, Volumen 48, Número 4
Germán Puerta-Salazar, Diego F. López, Mauricio Moreno and Carlos Muñoz
Department of Orthodontics; Resident Orthodontics Graduate Program, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia.

Condylar hyperplasia (CH) is a self-limiting pathologic condition causing facial asymmetry through a mandibular lateral deviation. This review and case report detail the treatment of a male patient, 21 years old, with diagnostic of unilateral CH obtained by single-photon emission computerized tomography, corroborated by histologic analysis. He was treated by left side high condylectomy to eliminate the active hyperplasic tissue following the approach of “surgery first,” in this case by left side Hemi-Lefort ostectomy to correct maxillary inclination and mandibular osteotomy and mentoplasty to correct mandibular lateral deviation. Afterward, the transversal collapse of the maxilla was corrected using a bone-supported disjunction device. The final orthodontic treatment was performed using a skeletal anchorage device to provide an ideal occlusion. After 9 months, excellent esthetic and occlusal results were achieved.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2018;48(4):161-169)

Key words:
Condylar Hyperplasia. Facial Asymmetry. Orthognathic Surgery. Surgery First. Maxillary Disjunction.
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