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Clinical Case

Transposition of a lower lateral incisor

2003, Volumen 33, Número 2
Tomás Sastre Alzamora
Ortodoncista. Práctica exclusiva. Palma de Mallorca

Mandibular lateral incisor-canine transposition is a rare developmental disturbance of tooth order characterized by positional interchange of the two teeth. In children with this anomaly, the mandibular lateral incisor shows distal ectopic eruption and the adjacent canine subsequently erupts mesial to it. The etiology of this desorder results from genetics mechanisms, but many transposition cases also have severe arch length discrepancy, which in itself may be an etiologic factor. That is the reason why many times the treatment needs extraction of transposed lateral incisor, or other times teeht are left in their transposed positions. In this article is presented one case of transposition between a 42 and 43 in a very severe vertical maloclusion case in which for estetics and functional reasons extractions were not indicated. The case was treated without extractions and treating the transposition repositioning to the normal eruption position of both teeth without residual periodontal problems.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2003;33(2):141-148)

Key words:
Mandibular transposition. Ectopic tooth eruption. Tooth abnormalities. Genetics.
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