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Original Article

Changes observed in the soft tissue profile after orthodontic treatment of severe overjet. A cephalometric study

2002, Volumen 32, Número 4
Juan Miguel Cebrián, Eliseo Plasencia, Inmaculada Soler Segarra
Alumno de Doctorado. Unidad Docente de Ortodoncia. Facultad Medicina y Odontología de Valencia. Práctica exclusiva de Ortodoncia. Valencia

The aim of this study is evaluate the horizontal, vertical, and angular changes observed in the soft tissue facial profile in association with retraction and inclination movement of the upper anterior dentition. Material and method: The data of this retrospective study was obtained from the pretreatment and posttreatment cephalometric radiographies of 28 patients, 10 males and 18 females, showing a mean overjet of 8,45 mm. The average time between observations was 3,25 years and the retraction of the upper incisor 4,45 ± 2,46 mm. Different measurements were performed: lineal (in reference to a line perpendicular to Frankfurt plane, facial plane, and Burstone’s line), angular (nasolabial and facial convexity angles), and vertical, as well as the width of soft tissues in both the pre and posttreatment records. The data was analysed through descriptive statistics and stepwise regression analysis. Results: It was found a significative association between the changes in the upper incisor and the upper lip and chin soft tissues response. The changes in the lower lip were weakly associated to the retraction of the lower incisor. They were recorded increments of the nasolabial angle and anteroinferior facial height and a significative correlation between the mean of the differences of both angular measurements.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2002;32(4):297-315)

Key words:
Cephalometric. Orthodontic treatment. Overjet. Soft tissue facial profile.
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