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Original Article

The Hexahelix: intraoral distalization appliance

1999, Volumen 29, Número 1
Enrique Solano Reina, Asunción Mendoza Mendoza
Profesor Titular de Ortodoncia. Facultad de Odontología. Universidad de Sevilla. Sevilla

The Hexahelix is an appliance for intraoral distalization. It is composed by an acrylic button rigidly connected to the bands of the firsts premolars and to the firsts molars bands by two arms an L form with three Helix per side. Depending on the activated arm symmetric or asymmetric distalization is obtained. When the Class I molar relationship is obtained, the acrylic button is disconnected from the premolar bands being converted in a Nance button. The Nance button acts as an anchorage appliance for the progressive distalization of the first premolar and the canine until the Class I is obtained in the lateral sectors. Finally the acrylic button is removed to complete the retrusion of the incisors.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 1999;29(1):017-026)

Key words:
Molar distalization. Molar Class II. Intraoral distalization. Intraoral distalization appliance.
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