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Dental transpositions. Classification, treatment planning and case report

1999, Volumen 29, Número 2
José Chaqués Asensi, Adela Torres Roldán
Doctor en Medicina y Cirugía Máster en Ortodoncia por la Universidad de Cleveland, USA. Profesor Asociado de Ortodoncia. Universidad de Sevilla. Práctica privada con dedicación exclusiva a la Ortodoncia

Tooth transposition is the positional interchange of two adjacent teeth, especially if their roots are involved. Likewise, the development or the eruption of a tooth in a position normally occupied by a nonadjacent tooth. It is a rare anomaly, whose presentation among patients demanding orthodontic treatment is very low. According to the information available in the literature, and following a complete and practical criteria, a model of classification is presented in this article. There is no general agreement regarding the treatment planning in tooth transpositions. Therefore, it seems convenient to define treatment principles that could be helpfull in order to properly manage those malocclusions where the presence of a tooth transposition is a major feature. Some basic principles that the orthodontist must take into account in the treatment planning of these patients are presented. In order to illustrate the previous concepts, a case of complete transposition of maxillary right lateral incisor and cuspid is reported. The complete treatment sequence is explained in detail. The transposed tooth order was corrected. Likewise, a Class I molar and cuspid, perfect coordination of both arches and good functional, esthetic and occlusal result were achieved with treatment.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 1999;29(2):125-137)

Key words:
Tooth transposition. Classification. Treatment planning. Complete transposition of maxillary upper lateral incisor and cuspid.
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