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Computed tomography utility in orthodontics. Part I. Dental casts analysis

2007, Volumen 37, Número 3
Gloria Montoto, Martín Puente Rodríguez, Luis Carlos Hernández, Luciano Galbán, Vicente Martínez, Eliseo Plasencia
Odontóloga. Máster en Ortodoncia. Universidad de Oviedo. Oviedo

Stone dental casts are a really important procedure in orthodontics. They reproduce patient’s mouth in 3D. Dental position, dental arch form and sagittal, vertical and transverse malocclusion can be analysed by dental casts. Also Bolton analysis and arch-tooth size discrepancy could be measured. The aim of this study is to propose a new method to measure tooth size-arch discrepancy and Bolton index without the stone dental casts. Maxillae and mandible three dimensions’ reconstructions are given by computed tomography. Malocclusion analysis, Bolton index, tooth size-arch discrepancy, condyle-fossa relations could be studied by 3D reconstructions.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2007;37(3):167-174)

Key words:
Bolton analysis. Tooth size-arch discrepancy. 3D reconstructions. Computed tomography. Dental casts.
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