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Maxillary protraction: is it more than predicted growth?

2009, Volumen 39, Número 1
Sirin Nevzatoglu, Nazan Küçükkeles
Doctores en Filosofía y Cirugía Odontológica. Departamento de Ortodoncia. Universidad de Marmara. Turquía

Objective. Our aim was to investigate the effectiveness of the rapid maxillary expansion (RME) assisted face mask therapy. Material and methods. Research was carried on 23 patients with the mean age of 11 years 5 months ± 1 year 11 months, who were treated by RME - face mask therapy for 8 months. Growth predictions for 8 months were performed for each patient and the data were compared with the treatment results. Results. It was found that the maxilla moved forward while posterior part exhibited some extrusion. The mandible presented a downward rotation. On the other hand, in the growth predictions mandible continued to grow in forward direction more, the amount of forward growth of maxilla was not enough to improve the Class III malocclusion. Contrary, lower incisors proclined, negative overjet increased and patients exhibited more concave profiles in the latter group. Conclusion. Face mask therapy was found to be effective for the treatment of Class III malocclusion characterized by maxillary retrognathia.  (Rev Esp Ortod. 2009;39(1):021-032)

Key words:
Face mask. RME. Class III. Maxillary retrognathie. Orthopedic treatment and Growth prediction.
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