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Contends: July-September  2000, Volume 30, Number 3

Arturo Costa Campos
Congratulations Rick! (Editorial)
Rev Esp Ortod 2000;30(3):199-200 [Abstract] [See pdf]

Robert M. Ricketts
Biographic profile from Robert M. Ricketts (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2000;30(3):201-204 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Juan Canut
A conversation with Ricketts (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2000;30(3):213-224 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Robert M. Ricketts
A revisitation of the doctrine of possibility and a positive philosophy for year 2000, the clinical principles (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2000;30(3):225-234 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Robert M. Ricketts
Cephalometric analysis and synthesis (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2000;30(3):243-256 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Juan M. Font
Clinical considerations on early treatment (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2000;30(3):257-263 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Hiroshi Nezu, Carl F. Gugino
Case report based on Zero Base Bioprogressive philosophy (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2000;30(3):265-283 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Andreu Puigdollers Pérez
Orthodontics according to Ricketts (Journal’s Review)
Rev Esp Ortod 2000;30(3):285-303 [Abstract] [See pdf]

Robert M. Ricketts
Ricketts in Spain (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2000;30(3):205-212 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Robert M. Ricketts
Selected bibliography from Robert M. Ricketts (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2000;30(3):235-241 [Abstract] [Buy article]
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