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Contends: April-June  2001, Volume 31, Number 2

Arturo Costa Campos
Letters to the Editor (Editorial)
Rev Esp Ortod 2001;31(2):085-086 [Abstract] [See pdf]

Juan Canut
Treatment of dental biprotrusion (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2001;31(2):087-098 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Antonio Arcas
Surgical options in the management of impacted teeth (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2001;31(2):099-105 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Milagros Adobes Martín
Bonding esthetic brackets to porcelain restorations. Clinical procedure (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2001;31(2):106-112 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Marcela Ferrer Molina
Orthodontic treatment leading to stabilize the mandible in a therapeutic position. Reported of a short face case with articular pathology (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2001;31(2):113-119 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Juan Carlos Pérez Varela, José M.ª Feliu García, Carolina Méndez Garrido, Arturo Bilbao Alonso
Clinical applications in distraction osteogenesis: hemifacial microsomia treatment (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2001;31(2):121-127 [Abstract] [Buy article]

José Chaqués Asensi
Ortodontic treatment of a severe periodontal patient (Problem Case)
Rev Esp Ortod 2001;31(2):129-132 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Alicia Lanuza
Ameloblastic odontome like cause path eruption deviation of maxillary canine (Clinical Case)
Rev Esp Ortod 2001;31(2):133-137 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Ángel Sampietro Fuentes, Santiago Arias de Luxán
Clinical management of palatally impacted canines (Practical Suggestions)
Rev Esp Ortod 2001;31(2):139-142 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Juan Canut
Orthodontic records (The Observer)
Rev Esp Ortod 2001;31(2):143-144 [Abstract] [See pdf]

Andreu Puigdollers Pérez
Craniofacial growth and biology of dental movement (Journal’s Review)
Rev Esp Ortod 2001;31(2):145-152 [Abstract] [See pdf]

13th International Conference for Orthodontists / Actividades del Servicio de Ortodoncia en la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (News)
Rev Esp Ortod 2001;31(2):153-155 [Abstract] [See pdf]
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